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1st to 6th year primary school classes

Tagesschule Elementa offers primary school classes from the 1st through to the 6th year and is designed to accommodate children who are keen learners.  Children are accepted into 1st class when the time is right for them, and when they are ready for school. This decision is made together with you and with the support of a psychologist. This flexibility also allows us to introduce your child to the school, not only at the start of the school year, but at any time.

Tagesschule Elementa follows the assessment guidelines for Canton Zug.  The school is recognised by the local Board of Education, is politically neutral and non-denominational.


Daily routine

At Tagesschule Elementa, your child is cared for all day.  The school day comprises four lessons in the morning and three lessons in the afternoon.  Outside of these lessons, your child has the opportunity to engage in sporting activities, music lessons and other learning activities.  We also run a Homework Club, where children are able to complete their homework, under teacher supervision.  On Wednesday afternoons no lessons take place, however we offer voluntary courses and activities.


Subjects offered

Tagesschule Elementa follows the guidelines of the Primary School timetable 2005/2006. Children attend 32 lessons per week, which is more than at the local public primary school. This allows us to introduce English and IT from 1st year.  We are also able to offer customised support through the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM). The school year is 38 weeks.


By complying with the Canton Zug curriculum and using Cantonal teaching materials, we are able to ensure a smooth transition from public schools to Tagesschule Elementa.