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Strengthen strengths. Learn to learn.

Welcome to Tagesschule Elementa!

Tagesschule Elementa is an innovative Swiss primary school with an international touch. Located in the heart of Switzerland in Canton Zug, Tagesschule Elementa is a perfect choice if you are considering staying in Switzerland for a longer period and want your child to integrate into the Swiss educational system.


Following the Swiss curriculum and providing additional benefits, such as English lessons from year 1 with a separate English program for native speakers from year 3, SEM lessons and extra-curricular opportunities. Lessons are taught in High German, and when necessary we provide additional German lessons for new German learners. This gives the best possible basis for integration into the public education system and lays the path for continuing to gymnasium.


The Elementa difference

In small classes with a maximum of 16 pupils, we help children from the 1st to 6th primary class to discover and strengthen their individual abilities and skills. This is what we like to call: “Strengthen strengths. Learn to learn.”


“Strengthen strengths” means…

We build on the strengths of your child, increasing self-confidence and giving them the best future prospects personally, educationally and professionally.


“Learn to learn” means …

By learning to learn, your child becomes aware of the learning methods that work best for them, thereby laying the foundation for the joys of lifelong learning.


As parents, you gain the certainty that your child not only learns the given curriculum, but also ‘learns to learn’ in a smarter way. This makes Tagesschule Elementa unique.