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Tagesschule Elementa is located in a beautiful rural setting, which is only a 15 minute drive away from Zug.  Neuheim is well connected and public transport (buses) run regularly to Baar.  The motorway connection at Walterswil can be reached within 5 minutes.  We can also organise a door-to-door shuttle service.


A school with vision

Tagesschule Elementa relocated to their new school premises in August 2013.  Neuheim has about 2,000 residents and is located in a countryside setting, nestled between the rivers Sihl and Lorze. 

The new modern school building offers bright and spacious rooms. In addition to the classrooms, there are group rooms, a study room, a music room, and well equipped work rooms for arts & crafts, woodwork as well as needle work. Lunch is served in the large dining room. For leisure time we enjoy a well-designed playground, where equipment encourages exercise, balance and skill. The nearby village gym is used for sporting activities, for example for athletics in the winter.

Our new contemporary school building provides children with the perfect environment in which to learn.