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    Credo and motto

    Strengthen strengths. Learn to learn.

    ‘To give wings to strengths and nourish the roots for life-long learning.’

    Human being

    Successful learning is based on positive relationships –
    and positive relationships develop as a result of appreciation, respect and care.

    Pedagogical concept

    Individual talent promotion and learning motivation for life-long learning.

    Your child is the focal point: the realisation of their potential, motivation for learning, educational achievements and personal development that go into creating a responsible, independent and happy young person.

    Learning and teaching

    Effective learning and teaching takes place in mixed-age classes. From class 1 onward we work to individual coaching plans.

    Encouraging gifted pupils

    As part of our gifted-pupil programme we integrate and expand upon elements of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) devised by Joe Renzulli and Sally Reis. Our programme is based on working with research questions.


    Strengthening strengths with networked teaching leads to new knowledge and skills that can be successfully applied.


    Our independent programme is clearly defined in its aims, yet flexible in its implementation.


    The pedagogical concept at Elementa is open, adaptable and at the cutting edge – just like our staff.