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    Dr Gerhard Pfister

    founder and anchor shareholder

    We both shared an idea - a vision for a new school within the Swiss education system.

    Monica Roth

    founder, CEO and Principal

    Gerhard Pfister, proprietor and long-serving rector of the former 'Dr. Pfister Institut Oberägeri', and I, an experienced teacher and advocate of the 'school of tomorrow', laid the foundation for our innovative primary school in August 2006.

    We opened the unique primary school Elementa - a school that promotes individual talents and motivated learning - in Menzingen, in the canton of Zug.

    Seven years later we managed to turn our dream of our own self-designed school into reality, and Elementa moved with its 32 pupils to its new home in the Zug community of Neuheim.

    A school surrounded by green, with generous spaces, bright class and supervision rooms, and a large playground, all offering plenty of space for learning, playing and creating as part of daily, communal school life.

    Elementa is our vision made real. But we're not resting on our laurels; our team is constantly striving to live up to the vision of 'Elementa, the school of tomorrow'.

    Monica Roth
    CEO and Principal



    The Swiss primary school.

    Tagesschule Elementa is a state-approved Swiss primary school with an international flavour. The school is a place for learning and living, for promoting individual talents and motivated learning. Through its credo 'Strengthen strengths. Learn to learn.', Elementa fosters the development of talented and inquisitive children from their first to sixth school year.

    The language for lessons and supervision is German. English is taught from class 1. Native English-speakers have their own special English lessons.

    The Elementa school follows the Lehrplan 21 (Curriculum 21) and ensures optimum entry to the secondary level and grammar-school equivalents in the Swiss education system.