Sa, 26 October 2024 OPEN DAY
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Our vision


    Video about our vision

    A DAY AT ELEMENTA - Gain insight into our school and the Elementa vision.

    Strengthen strengths.
    Learn to learn.

    These strengths make Elementa unique –
    as unique as your child.

    Strengthening strengths –
    Realising potential by challenging and encouraging.

    We promote the individual strengths and talents of your child, and help them develop their own abilities.

    In this way, your child realises their potential and becomes an enthusiastic participant in achieving their goals.

    Learning to learn - 
    Gaining skills through individual learning strategies.

    We teach your child how to learn to learn successfully, and support them through their own individual learning process.

    Your child acquires learning strategies that enable them to interpret information and develop skills independently.

    Living creativity –
    Original thinking and innovation.

    We inspire your child to take new and creative paths, thus bringing out their spirit of innovation and courage.

    Your child discovers their potential and new ways of creating, as well as how to challenge accepted norms and adapt to new conditions.

    Curious, inquisitive –
    Fanning a lifelong flame.

    We ignite and stoke the fire of enthusiasm for life-long learning.
    Your child will retain this curiosity for life and the pleasure of exploration.

    Holistic education –
    Systemic thinking and acting.

    We are geared towards the well-being of your child and the demands of the future.
    Your child’s learning and development are based on holistic, elementary education.

    Happy children –
    Learning and growing with confidence and responsibility.

    We support and strengthen your child’s development so that they grow into a responsible, self-confident and happy young person.

    Your child grows in self-confidence and discovers what it means to be a valuable member of society.