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    All-day supervision

    We spend breaks in the fresh air – in every season, no matter what the weather.

    Supervision times
    We supervise all our school children individually according to their needs, from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, continuously. This offers parents and children a high degree of flexibility in their family and professional lives. The extended supervision times are free of charge for all families. This doesn’t include the Wednesday afternoon break, during which the children have an interesting, varied program to choose from.

    School bus
    Many parents and children value our school-bus service as a support for a relaxed school and family life. Children can be picked up from home and driven back at the end of the school day. Weekdays can be individually booked and are charged separately.

    Lunch and break-time supervision
    The children and a team of supervisors and teaching staff all have lunch together in the large hall in a friendly and communicative environment. We place great value on promoting children’s social skills and independence. All the children take turns helping out with serving and clearing up according to a roster. This underlines the family aspect of the Elementa community and promotes respectful interaction.
    We spend breaks in our well-equipped playground in every season, in all kinds of weather. Fresh air and the numerous options for play and exercise contribute to the healthy physical and mental development of our young people and, at the same time, encourage the children’s natural creativity.

    Children in the 1/2 class enjoy an additional half-hour of ‘free-play’ a day. The children spend this time in their own fantasy worlds, on creative games and group activities. The supervisors hang back and avoid giving instructions, functioning instead as quiet observers. The results not only confirmed but exceeded our positive expectations.

    We speak Swiss German during childcare hours and extracurricular activities.


    Lunch, morning and afternoon snack

    Healthy food for body and mind.

    Elementa ensures varied and healthy eating. Our catering partner ‘Chlösterli Unterägeri’ prepares fresh meals as part of a varied three-course lunch.
    For morning and afternoon snack, we serve the children seasonal fruit and snacking vegetables, as well as hearty bread from the Neuheim village bakery.
    You won’t find sugary drinks anywhere at Elementa.

    Free-time options

    The popular chess club.

    Apart from lessons, children have plenty of opportunities to pursue individual interests and creative free-time courses in our school.

    The programme for the 2023/2024 school year encompasses a professional chess club, guitar and piano lessons, robotics and as well as other courses and activities that make our programme even more varied.

    Holiday options

    Programming is fun.

    Elementa offers exciting and creative weekly programmes in the summer, autumn and spring holidays. The children might be exploring the history of the Middle Ages or the production of Swiss chocolate, they might be programming little robots or putting a circus programme or musical together in double-quick time.

    We’re always happy to take inspiration from parents and the children themselves when it comes to putting together these holiday programmes.