Sa, 29 October 2022 OPEN DAY
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    Strengthen strengths. Learn to learn.
    Elementa - The Swiss primary school - as unique as your child.

    The Elementa day school is a state-approved Swiss primary school with an international touch and is based on curriculum 21. The school is a place of learning and living for individual talent development and learning motivation. Elementa promotes gifted children who are eager to learn according to its concept "Strengthen strengths. Learning to learn.". The language in lessons and day care is German. English is taught from first grade and is part of the school culture.
    Tagesschule Elementa was founded in 2006 by Dr Gerhard Pfister and Monica Roth.

    Monica Roth, CEO and principal
    Dr Gerhard Pfister, founder and president of the administrative board

    Tagesschule Elementa AG, Sarbachstrasse 8, 6345 Neuheim/ZG, 041 755 06 50, 


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