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A place for learning and living

A place for learning and living

    School in green

    Our favourite colour is fresh Elementa green, which inspires us every day in this wonderful place of learning and living.

    Elementa moved into the newly-built school premises in Neuheim in August 2013. Neuheim is a village of around 2,500 inhabitants located in a natural setting, set in a unique moraine landscape between the Sihl and Lorze rivers.

    Our school, with its bright, spacious rooms and multifaceted playground is located in an easy to reach rural setting in the community of Neuheim in canton Zug. There is a public bus stop in the immediate vicinity. For sports lessons we use the municipal gym hall. We visit the Ägeribad for swimming lessons.


    Respect and tolerance are fundamental factors in our school.

    Elementa is a school that values friendships and unity. We foster individual friendships and a cohesive school spirit. Our family community results from care, time and trust. 

    Personal relationships, as well as respectful communication and interaction, are the values we live and which make our school a positive place for learning and living.