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ICT school project 4GENERATIONS

ICT school project 4GENERATIONS


    Highlights ICT school project...

    ... Open Day March 2019...

    ... short video - Have a look!

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    Elementa goes digital
    Open Day March 2019

    The ICT school project 4GENERATIONS attracted many interested parties to the digital workshops of the pubils.
     In the premises of the ICT workshop, the digital world was explored joyfully and concentrated on PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The intergenerational project 4GENERATIONS was supported on Open Day by the partner institution ProSenectute Zug. The schoolchildren guided the senior citizens through the positions of the eight sub-projects and were available for questions and suggestions together with Ulrike Liebert, project manager Generation 65 Plus. Dr. Gerhard Pfister, Chairman of the Board, was also infected by the digital fever of this workshop. The virtual reality glasses were just as enthusiastic as the trying out and exploring of the various stations. He spontaneously gave a schoolgirl a flash interview - using the TouchCast app, it looked as if the interviewer and interviewee were standing in a real television studio. 

    Click on the video below and see for yourself.


    The project

    Our ICT project...

    ... 4GENERATIONS...

    ... has started its second semester.

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    At the beginning of the school year 2018/19 our 5th & 6th grade started an exciting ICT school project with the enterprise Generation 65 Plus: 4GENERATIONS.
    In this intergenerational project, we work together with various institutions for the elderly and with innovative technology companies. Within the “Curriculum 21” 4GENERATIONS is not only related to the topic of “Media and computer science” but also to the subject "Education for sustainable development (ESD)". ESD is not a new subject but is intended to make children aware of taking responsibility for our environment and community. In the first semester, year 5 and 6 pupils learned a lot about the demographic change in our society. Then we went to the effects and impairment caused by the decline and losing of some senses in old age and to appropriate digital aids. In the final part of the first semester, the students plunged into the world of programming and created the first codes. 

    The QR codes lead you to our videos (YouTube) from the first semester of the project.
    Point the camera from smartphone to symbolism - and off you go!


    We learn programming.

    Press release under MEDIEN

    The subprojects

    In the second semester, the students started working on their subproject in small groups, each with a teacher and an industry partner. They familiarise themselves with AAL (Active & Assisted Living) technologies, integrate them into the lives of senior citizens and then examine their effects and effectiveness. The goal here is to extend the autonomous phase of life of the elderly through clever digital aids.
    With this project, our students not only learn a lot in the field of digital aids, but also gain practical and precious experiences with an older generation.

    Monica Roth, CEO and Principal, Tagesschule Elementa AG